Sunday, September 25, 2022

Global Health. 1940 - and beyond. South-to-South Nations must produce their own with quality, and safe production practices especially on the continent of Africa.

 From basic antibiotics to complex virus vaccines.  Sharing of the knowledge and wealth for communities.

The COVID pandemics 2019-2022 have proven that this must be the standard.  

Penicillin Plant, 1940s

We often think of today’s era as the most technologically advanced, and of course in many ways that is completely true. The innovations and inventions taking place today move at a staggering pace, but we must take a moment to remember the life-changing scientific developments of history that enabled all of these amazing discoveries.

This amazing photo shows the experimental plant for extracting penicillin, as used by the research team at England’s Oxford University. 

Penicillin is of course one of the greatest medical developments in history, and this photo shows a truly pivotal moment in those advancements.

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