Monday, September 12, 2022

Space Privateer's. Debris Removal in Space. September 2022

Emergency Management opportunities in SPACE.  

Debris Removal, and environmental concerns.

BEMA International

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Better Satellite World
Making Space for New Space with Privateer’s
Alex Fielding, Part 2

The risk of start up in an industry as complex as commercial space and satellite is made even more intense by the challenges that are part of our business. Yet all around the world, people are looking at the opportunities, the new space of space and making the leap. These are our innovators, and this podcast series will bring them to you. The third episode of this series features the second part of a conversation with Alex Fielding, co-founder and CEO of Privateer.

Alex tells us in the podcast: “When the Russians blew up 1408 . . . today, if you go in Privateer and you turn on all the pieces of Kosmos 1408 debris, and you paint their orbits, which – hey, when a bomb goes off in space, pieces of things go everywhere. Like, there’s a lot of Kosmos 1408 that is up there, and there’s a tremendous amount we can’t see or track because it’s smaller than 10 centimeters. We don’t know where it is. We just know it’s fast moving and very dangerous, the stuff that we could see, that we can see today. I could not tell you, and I mean, this is what I do for a living and I really love it. I really care about it. I could not tell you with any certainty or accuracy if all of the pieces that we can see of 1408, what percentage they are of the warhead that it was blown up with and the total mass of the Kosmos 1408 satellite.”

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