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True Equity. Grant Opportunity up to $500k. NAACP Environmental Justice

The unwillingness to try is worse than any failure.   Nikki Giovanni
Equity involves in some respect the sharing of information and opportunities.  Not selfishly for individual or your organization gain, but for our communities.  The community imperative.
BEMA Int has always had our arms extended, our hands open for Cooperation, Collaboration, Communication, Coordination, Community engagement, and  Partnering (C5&P) with the NAACP National and chapters, and others for the change needed in our communities.
BEMA International

Just 9 simple pages.

Remember we are a strategic intelligence organization.  Information is the key.

You have until September 16th to get your interest application in.

If you know of an official IRS 501c3 in your community, pass along.


  • Think youth program with salary for youths
  • Think CERT
  • Think recovery\homelessness
  • Think water insecurity
  • Thing food insecurity (aqua and hydroponics in urban and rural areas)


I hope this email finds you well!

In my capacity as an Advisory Board Member representing the NAACP, I am reaching out to share with you the Environmental Justice Data Fund’s request for proposals in case you or someone you know might be interested in applying.  

The Environmental Justice Data Fund is an $8 million fund, created and seeded by, that aims to bolster data efforts of frontline communities – communities historically underserved and disproportionately impacted by climate change and environmental injustice – in the United States. 

·        Grants from the Fund will support projects that use data to unlock resources, increase grantees’ access to Justice40 benefits and federal infrastructure funding, and advocate for new policies that empower communities to address past environmental harm and pave the way to a more sustainable, climate-resilient future. 

·        The Fund will consider a broad range of approaches on the use of data to advocate for environmental justice at the local and regional level. It will provide organizations with flexible project funding to increase their organizational capacity to incorporate quality data work into their environmental impact programming.

·        The Fund anticipates that it will make one-time grants to approximately 60 to 100 organizations in 2022 through an open request for proposals (RFP), which will run on a rolling basis from April through September. 

Please visit the EJDF webpage ( if you are interested in learning more or in submitting a proposal. If you have any questions, please email   

In Solidarity,


Jamal Watkins (He/Him/His)

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Advancement



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bEMA International

Cooperation, Collaboration, Communication, Coordination, Community engagement, and  Partnering (C5&P)


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The unwillingness to try is worse than any failure.   Nikki Giovanni






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