Thursday, September 22, 2022

Water Insecurity in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SUPERFUND.

Water Insecurity. 
Water our most vital resource for all.  All flora, fauna, animal, and human life

A vital part of emergency management is environmental protection in each of the EM process (prevention, planning, response, recovery, mitigation, adaption).

Recent media, policy-makers, and others attention\focus on Jackson, Mississippi and even Flint. Michigan water contamination that affected the entire communities with a high percentage of community members of color.  These issues ARE NOT NEW, but known issues that can be researched thru the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Researched thru the EPA SUPERFUND ( ), for maps of contaminated sites in the U.S., information for community involvement, education & training.

Every member of the community, the WHOLE COMMUNITY must take an active role in understanding, involved in the cleanup (potential jobs within the community), and enforcing past and future cleanup issues.  Manufacturing, farm land, animal husbandry, energy, and other sectors contribution to ensure clean water sources.

Nothing takes the place of drinking a nice clean cup of water.

BEMA International

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