Thursday, September 22, 2022

Water Insecurity: Map of Hazardous Waste Cleanup Sites in the U.S. Environmental Climate Justice Advocates TAKE NOTES......

 A focus for Environmental Climate Justice advocates especially for affecting communities of color (Black, Latino, etc.) and the underserved (First). Nation reservations..

It is not a matter of being a member of an association whether national or international.  Awareness, education & training must disseminated even for funding opportunities. 

BEMA International members provide a unique 'out of the box' perspective and answers to resolve these issues.  Issues to resolve the problem, and even job creation for the long extended monitoring and cleanup, and in the prevention of additional contamination for a community.

Interactive map of hazardous waste cleanups in the United States

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides an interactive map of hazardous waste cleanups across the United States. The "Cleanups in My Community" map provides a huge amount of information on thousands of cleanups of many kinds. For every cleanup, users can access and download reports, assessments, compliance actions, and the EPA's assessment of the potential for any contaminated land to be used for renewable energy development.

Users can overlay many other layers on the cleanups map, including flood risk, sea level rise scenarios, air pollution, congressional districts, tribal areas and federal lands, toxic releases, and more. These layers provide additional context relevant to the history, current status, and future of each site.

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