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Domestic Violence. A concern even in emergency sheltering. October 2022


TO: Blacks In Government Members


FROM: Honorable Shirley A. Jones, Esq., National President

SUBJECT: My Niece Erykah, One of the Newest Faces of Domestic Violence 

What would make a young man (21 years old) shoot a young mother (18 years old) in the back of the head as she reached down for her baby, presumably to leave? That is the question that my family has been asking as we mourn the death of my niece, Erykah Manora. While we will never know the answer, we do know that we want to use Erykah’s story to shine a light on domestic violence. And, while we had hoped Erykah would survive to share her own story, I am sharing it with you today through her mother’s words in this news article and live interview below. By doing so, I hope that it will help someone walk away from their abuser before it is too late, as Erykah tried to do. This tragedy tells us that domestic violence can start at a very young age, even in high school relationships. As adults, we must look for the signs in our young people and our young people must heed the advice of those around you who can see things that you don’t yet see. My family and I thank you all for the out pouring of support and ask that you share Erykah’s story as we close out October and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The printed article is set out here and the link to the live interview follows:

Montgomery mother speaks out after losing daughter to gun violence

By Rosanna Smith

Published: Oct. 21, 2022 at 4:55 PM EDT

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - A heartbroken mother is speaking out after the murder of her daughter. “She would be upset with me right now for crying,” said Tammy Jones. “I’m strong because she kept me strong. She always made me smile. I just want people to remember her as being a beautiful soul. She was happy and loving and she never met a stranger.”

18-year-old Erykah Manora graduated from Lee High School in May and was enjoying life as a new mom to twins.

“They’re just like their mom. Personality and everything,” Jones added. Jones said it was on August 31 when their whole world was turned upside down. She still remembers getting the call that Erykah had been rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

“She fought the entire time,” said Jones. “At first, I was told she was going to live 48 hours. They told me that eventually her brain would die. The first five days, she got stronger and stronger and everything that they said turned out not to be true. She proved them wrong.”

Erykah remained in the hospital for six weeks until she passed way. Jones said while she doesn’t know all the details of the shooting, she does know the suspect charged was her daughter’s boyfriend of three months.

She offers this message to young people:

“Listen to your parents. I warned Erica, I warned her. Your parents know judgment of character. They know some people who are good for you to be around and some of the people who are not,” said Jones. “I hate I have to bury my child. There are so many other teenagers that I loved as well, and I have attended their funerals due to gun violence. I’m just sick it.”

GoFundMe has been set up for the 10-month-old twins Manora leaves behind. All donations collected will go toward a trust fund for the children. Her funeral will be held Saturday at noon at Fresh Anointing House of Worship in Montgomery.

The Montgomery Police Department has charged 21-year-old Keondre Haynes with capital murder. He remains in the Montgomery County Detention Facility without bond.

To view the live interview, click on the following link and click the link in the middle of the photo:;!!E4HZMw!FR0cDKI55zh86HVe2YLhyIzw1YBa-Q6PFmgcpfYgpp9kylnDLwZOimrdenYGahNjiyG5H4B97jOYGVuqMVolhT_afg$

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