Tuesday, October 4, 2022

IAEM, BEMA, NEMA, I-DIEM, etc. Florida Emergency Management Agencies at the County, City, Township Level. October 2022

With we move from the initial shock and awe to the recovery and mitigation phase for the residents in the State of Florida that were impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Questions have begun to arise in the following area(s) for IAEM, BEMA, NEMA, I-DIEM and others to answer from SME's and public trust officials.

 1. Of all the counties, cities and townships within the State of Florida emergency management (EM) agencies\offices\departments, which jurisdictions are under the control and management of:

      a. Law Enforcement or local police force?.  

      b. Fire Department?

      c. Separate Emergency Management Agency\office reporting directly to the local public official?

2.  What is the budget of the local emergency management agency\office\department 

     based on Question 1?

3.  What is the composition of staff within the local EM entity?

      a.  from lateral or vertical career development from law enforcement, fire, etc.?

      b.  Hires from emergency management with EM degrees (AA, BS, Masters, PhD's),

               and experience (EM) from military?

4. Number of certified professional emergency managers within the State of Florida?

               NOTE:  Certified thru State or other recognized certifying authority


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