Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Know someone that could apply? 2023 Obama Foundation Leaders program.


Do you know an emerging leader in Africa, Asia-Pacific, or Europe who has spent the last few years creating positive change on an issue they’re passionate about?

Do they stand out for their integrity, strong values, and ethics? Do they go about their work in a collaborative way?

Are they eager to learn from others? Open-minded and curious? Willing to share their experiences? 

If so, I hope you’ll encourage them to apply to our 2023 Obama Foundation Leaders program!

The Obama Foundation Leaders program is a six-month, non-residential leadership development and community engagement program that brings together 35 Leaders from their respective regions for weekly sessions including:
  • Developing practical tools and training for deepening values-based leadership,
  • Individualized or peer leadership coaching,
  • Cultural programming that showcases the richness of diversity in the region, and
  • Creative spaces for deep personal reflection and interpersonal learning with peers. 

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