Monday, October 24, 2022

Outstanding Comment to Previous Post: Recovery\Debris Removal. Florida. Who has the contracts? Follow the money. October 2022


NOTHING NEW! T'his is exactly what happened after Rita and Katrina in New Orleans. FEMA is very much aware and if FEMA let it happen again then there are those withing the agency that are benefiting from this atrocity to the resident of those communities.

FEMA has the information and history of many of the contractors and can and should be able to address this issue directly.

What is more important FEMA can Mission Assign the National Guard to remove debris which is hazardous or necessary to be removed to restore order or needed health and safety. The FCO for the disaster should be contacted and someone...YOU? should make a demand that they do their damn job before we get the congress involved in seeing who is benefiting from this deliberate misuse of federal funds.

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