Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Welcome Black Sustainability Inc to BEMA International October 2022

BEMA International brings enhancement of disaster, emergency, and climate risk management to the Black Sustainability Network.

"Welcome Black Sustainability Network to BEMA International"

*Afrika is spelled with a ‘K’ throughout this site in recognition that traditional Afrikan languages did not have hard C's in their vocabulary and in acknowledgement that Africa is not the true name of the vast continent. 

Afrika represents a redefined Africa; when one speaks of Africa versus Afrika, two different world-views are being articulated; 
  • one supporting the Afrikan ethos and 
  • he other supporting the European ethos. 

We use Afrikan when referencing any person of Afrikan descent, whether from the continent or across the Diaspora (North America, Caribbean, South America, East Asia & West Asia/Europe).*

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