Monday, November 21, 2022

Financial Disaster Assistance. Hurricane Ian. November 14 - December 19

From November 14 through December 19, the Red Cross will be working diligently to provide Individual Assistance (IA) to those whose homes suffered major structural damage or were destroyed as a result of Hurricane Ian.

The American Red Cross will make every effort over the next several weeks to reach those whose homes were destroyed or sustained major structural damage.  If the Red Cross has contact information AND a qualifying damage assessment for an affected household, then that household should receive an invitation to complete an application for this assistance, through an email, text message, or phone call by November 27, 2022. 

Thousands of affected households will receive an invitation to complete an application through an email, text message or phone call directly from the Red Cross during this time. People who fall into this category include those whose homes for which the Red Cross has contact information and have been verified by FEMA, the Red Cross or another agency to have sustained major structural damage or have been destroyed. The person must complete the Financial Assistance application by responding to the email and/or text from the Red Cross.

The initial amount of damage-based assistance will depend on the number of people in each individual household. For 
  • a household with one to four people the amount will be $515
  • a household of five to eight will receive $824, and 
  • households with nine or more people will receive $1,236
After a household’s application is approved, Red Cross financial assistance will be 
delivered through one of several electronic funds transfer (EFT) methods including 
  • PayPal, 
  • Zelle, 
  • Mastercard Send, or 
  • Walmart Direct2Cash; 
  • or through a Red Cross issued debit card.
If an affected household does not receive a text, email, or telephone notification to enroll between now and November 27, 2022, then the household may enroll in person at a Red Cross service site beginning on November 28. These service sites will be announced before November 28.

The Red Cross works with many different partners to help to provide assistance to those affected by disasters. 

To find out more about other programs or assistance available, contact 211 or go to

Please share as appropriate and let us know if there are any questions.


Earl R. Brown | National Partner Relations & Agreements| National Disaster Partnerships

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