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Registration 2023 VIII Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas and the Caribbean

28 February 2023 to 2 March 2023  Convention and Exhibition Center (Punta del Este) 

is now open until January 6th 2023

Dear members of the Global Network:

Greetings to all!  hoping this message finds you well, I´m  contacting you to update  on the sessions of the VIII United Nations Regional Platform for Disaster Reduction in which GNDR has a role and a representative; the sessions in which GNDR will participate are the product of lobbying and participation in the Advisory Committee for the development of the official agenda, where Graciela Salaberri, Chair of the Global Board, and I have influenced to include the work that you and the members of their countries are doing.

Below is the list of session types (Plenary, Parallel or side event) and the GNDR representative who is participating in the development of the Concept Note:





Plenary 2

Risk governance: Innovations for policy and multisectoral coordination to reduce risk drivers.

Graciela Salaberri

Plenary 3

Evidence-based financing of resilient development: A strategic approach to sustainable and efficient investments

Lorenzo Mota

Parallel 2

Inclusion, diversity, intersectionality and innovation in multi-hazard warning systems.

Liza Hernández

Parallel 3

Science and technology made available: low-cost solutions and traditional knowledge to increase community resilience.

Andrés Narvaez


Parallel 5

Risk reduction through ecosystem restoration: science, technology and NbS.

Jorge Ruiz

Parallel 7

Systemic risk, inequality and inclusion: lessons from the pandemic for DRR.

Breny Herrera


Voluntary networks for climate action and DRR

Tania Triminio




A gender lens based on autonomy and leadership of women for a more resilient region.

Liza Hernández

It is important to clarify that the role of the point of contact is to represent GNDR in that specific session, it will not necessarily be the person who participates as a presenter in the session, but rather the role is to ensure that civil society organizations are included in the session. session; Subsequently, and based on what was discussed in each work team of the session, an attempt will be made to identify the profile that is desired and summon the member or NFP who may be the ideal person to present in each session. If any of you are interested in participating in the listed sessions, do not hesitate to contact Graciela, Martín or me, we have little time, so we would appreciate it if you do so as soon as possible.

Just this week we presented the first version of the concept note, and now with the comments received from the evaluation committee, the teams are meeting again to respond to the points indicated and improve/strengthen or change the focus of the concept notes.

I take this opportunity to send you the link so that you can
register on the Regional Platform to participate either virtually or in person. We will keep you posted, regards to all

Liza Hernandez
Regional Leader for America and the Caribbean

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