Tuesday, December 6, 2022

EMX staff exchange brings non-federal emergency managers to FEMA. Nominations are open through December 15, 2022


FEMA Advisory

Emergency Manager Exchange Nominations Extended to Dec. 15

State, local, tribal, territorial emergency managers, join us! The 2023 Emergency Manager Exchange (EMX) is seeking four dedicated public servants who work in non-federal governmental offices or programs to spend time at FEMA in a 4-6 month paid work exchange. 

Staff Exchange

The EMX staff exchange brings non-federal emergency managers to FEMA to work alongside leadership and staff from FEMA’s Office of Response and Recovery or Resilience. State, local, tribal, and territorial emergency managers bring new perspectives and guide FEMA on how to improve our programs.

In an exciting update for 2023, the exchange will be fully reciprocal. As the participating government organization sends their employee to work at FEMA, in return, a full-time FEMA employee will be sent to support that non-federal government office or program.

Reimbursed Costs

For the duration of the assignment, FEMA will reimburse the participant’s home organization for the cost of the participant’s salary up to the federal GS-13 level, plus benefits. The exchange is authorized under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (5 CFR part 34) mobility program. Where consistent with FEMA’s travel policies, this program includes travel costs and per diem in Washington, D.C. 

The visiting FEMA employee is available to address capability gaps identified by the non-federal government organization in their nomination letter. Nominations are open through December 15, 2022.

New Perspectives

This staff exchange provides FEMA and its partners with a new way to collaborate in support of emergency management priorities. This exchange opportunity highlights the “2022-2026 FEMA Strategic Plan” focus on strengthening the emergency management workforce.

This opportunity brings FEMA hand in hand with our emergency management partners and stakeholders as we work together to increase disaster resilience, and ultimately, help people, before, during and after disasters.

Nomination is by Home Organization

Each participant’s non-federal government organization must nominate their applicant to the program. Consistent with Federal ethics obligations and guidance, while at FEMA, non-federal government exchange participants may not work on issues that directly involve their home jurisdiction of employment.

The position descriptions and nomination instructions are available on FEMA.gov at Emergency Manager Exchange | FEMA.gov. Nominations will be accepted through December 15, 2022. The 4–6-month exchange begins in March 2023. Telework opportunities are available.

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