Tuesday, December 27, 2022


Hello folks and I hope all is well on this 26th day of December. 

Here is the NOVEMBER 2022 edition of CERT OSB Floor Watch. See the highlights of this edition below:

-As mentioned, read the feature on our good friend Lorraine Curry

-Read about the Greater Los Angeles Safety & Preparedness Fair…a complete success
-Look for our recap of 2022’s Hollywood Christmas Parade
-Read about our continuing outreach efforts to our neighboring CERT programs
-Read about the Neighborhood Team Program’s arrival in the South Robertson faith community

-Check out reader reaction to last month’s feature in the CERT Supply & Maintenance Shop
-Danielle (Danielle’s Medical Monitor) takes a deeper look at AEDs
-Check out the updated list of CERT Basic Training classes in OSB

-Finally, check out our updated Planning Calendar for events taking place in 2023

Please enjoy. Call out Team, your section starts on Page 26, but the entire newsletter has elements relevant to you, especially the nod to Lorraine Curry as she moves on. 

LAFD Battalion Commanders, please feel free to call us for any services we can render to you and your crews. 

Happy Holidays all. 


Chin Thammasaengsri
CERT South Bureau & LAFD CERT Dispatch

FCC Callsign (GMRS) : WQXR 577
"Head 'em up, move 'em on!"

READ NOVEMBER 2022 edition of CERT OSB Floor Watch....here

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