Friday, December 30, 2022

Our Children, Our Youths. Make your and their dreams a reality. Fulfill it. Create your dream life.

We all have dreams.  Dreams from our youth that are never talked about openly nor shared with anyone.

Our children, our youths are no different.  They have dreams and aspirations that are never discussed with family, or even their closest friends.  Who has never thought of the dream of flight that was put off for fear, focus on education, or other endeavors until later in life.

There is never a time for not fulfilling that dream.

As a pilot I promote flight training to obtain the FAA certificate for private to eventual commercial pilot certification.  The link and photo are reminders to me of fulfilling the dream from my youth, and that others have the same dreams and fulfill it.

Peace.  Have a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year in 2023.  Make your dreams a reality.  Pass this on to a youth, one of our next generation leaders.

Charles D. Sharp  





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