Friday, October 27, 2023

Are SAA's (State Administrative Agency) a source of inequity for Grant and Disaster funding?

Does inequity, institutionalize racism in funding, preferred funds to organizations start at the local, county, state, federal level?

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Be 'proactive' rather than 'reactive'.
  • What is the structure, organization of the State Administrative Agency (SAA) in your jurisdiction?
  • Has your grant submission for DHS\FEMA grants for non-disaster, disaster, or other grant opportunities  been disapproved?
    • Why? 
    • Have you asked?
  • In your jurisdiction is your nonprofit or faith-based grant proposal submitted thru the local or State SAA is submitted as a 'package', and when approved funding is funneled thru the SAA to the receive?   
    • Is this part of the process in your state?
  • Is there an SAA process in addition to the FEMA process for grant submission, and restitution when a disaster occurs?
  • For disaster funding.  What is the timeframe for payment for restitution?
    • 30-days?
    • 60?    Unacceptable.  Why?
    • 180?  Unacceptable.  Why?

Just a start of a continuous dialog for communities, community based organizations, and others to ask before, during, and after a crisis occurs.

Anything else is 'business as usual'.

BEMA International

DHS\FEMA list of SAA  

The State Administrative Agency (SAA) is the only entity eligible to apply for and submit the application for the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) and its component programs — State Homeland Security Program (SHSP), Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), and Operation Stonegarden (OPSG) — as well as the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP).
Additionally, the SAA is one of two eligible entities allowed to apply for the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) (the state Emergency Management Agency is the other). "

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