Thursday, January 19, 2023

Know your SAA (State Administrative Agent). Grant making process to disaster declaration.

All a matter of being aware.

Do you know who your State Administrative Agent (SAA) is in the grant approval process, and when a disaster strikes your location and resources aren’t available within your state and DHS\FEMA needs to be called?

Know before any deadline approaches.  Make the call before, during, and after the grant and disaster.

Check the list for your State SAA.  Know the disaster declaration process for your State.  Voice your needs and concerns. Before and during a crisis. 

The difference may just be a CONFERENCE CALL you lead with BEMA International on the line at your invitation.  You are not alone.

  1. DHS\FEMA list of SAA.
  2. Disaster declaration Process.
    1. Local official guide:
    2. State process:
    3. Federal process:

At some point in the process it may become a POLITICAL decision and the needs of disadvantaged people and communities is not a priority.

Change occurs when YOU get involved.  Get involved. 

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  1. Is there access to FEMA in order to get designated or certified in the disaster declaration process for BEMA International?

    If we are already engaged in this process then we are at the right spot and I would be more than happy to do whatever necessary in order to get the word out that we can assist when necessary. It would also be worthwhile for BEMA International to let FEMA know that we can give them assistance, given the extent of challenges that exist in a couple of states at this point, but particularly in California .


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