Monday, January 16, 2023

Recommendations for the 2023 Farm Bill January 16, 2023

 Recommendations for the 2023 Farm Bill 

NM Healthy Soil's Recommendations for the 2023 Farm Bill, reflecting the collective input shared at several listening sessions: 

We are at a make or break moment in history, determining whether we marshal the resources to safeguard the life sustaining capacities of our planet or perpetuate systems in place that are harming the land, human health and the stability of the climate. 

We have a remarkable chance right now to set our nation on a course that is restorative and life affirming. 

The 2023 Farm Bill is very consequential legislation which 
  • impacts nutrition and 
  • land management, 
  • affecting what we eat, 
  • how we grow food and the very 
  • make up of our food system as a nation. 

We all must decide: do we want a Farm Bill that embraces and fosters life or one that perpetuates our self destruction? 

Continuing the status quo and supporting a healthy future for agriculture are not mutually inclusive positions. 

We can no longer subsidize the perpetuation of industrial agriculture, which generates intolerable pollution, inequities, insufficient profit to producers and instability in the global food system (during pandemics and/or times of war, inflation and other price or market manipulations). 

Rather we must fully invest in the transition to regenerative agriculture and the advancement of soil health. 

Regenerative agriculture minimizes pollution by working with nature rather than against it, it honors farmers and ranchers by taking out the middleman and fostering more just earnings and access as well as strengthening the local food system. 

Regenerative agriculture prioritizes healthy soil which is key to life flourishing on earth. 

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