Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Simplify during disaster recovery: FEMA Program to Support Rapid Recovery for Applicants January 2023


FEMA Releases Policy to Simplify Public Assistance Program to Support Rapid Recovery for Applicants


On Jan. 9, FEMA released a policy that will simplify the Public Assistance (PA) program to help communities recover more quickly after Presidentially declared events.


As the name implies, the PA Simplified Procedures Policy simplifies procedures and streamlines documentation requirements for applicants under the Public Assistance program. This policy release follows the August 2022 announcement to increase the threshold for PA small projects to $1 million.


“This policy change is a reflection of FEMA and President Biden’s commitment to reduce red tape, cut back on bureaucracy and ensure that communities get the resources they deserve when they need them most,” Administrator Criswell said in August 2022 when the final rule was announced. “FEMA’s Public Assistance remains our flagship program for helping communities rebuild infrastructure, restore critical services to the public and build climate resilience. By simplifying the application process, we will break down barriers and better meet the funding needs of small communities and our nonprofit partners.”


The policy simplifies procedures, reduces the administrative burdens, supports equitable delivery of assistance to underserved communities and enables communities to recover more quickly after Presidentially declared events. The policy defines FEMA’s requirements for funding small projects, and it applies to all public assistance projects up to $1 million from major disasters and emergencies declared on or after the date of issuance.

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