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YOUR comments needed to make the paper work simpler. FEMA Seeks Review of Revised Information Collection (January 20, 2023)

How do you make improvements to a system or process?

Being active in both the system and the processes that serve our needs.  Being on the sidelines silent is not a remedy or solution.  That’s being an observer and only getting involved when it affects you or your family members personally. 


Submit you comments.  There is so much more to gain. 

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FEMA Seeks Review of Revised Information Collection 

In support of the Paperwork Reduction Act, FEMA is soliciting public review and comment of its significantly revised information collection. These changes aim to simplify the Public Assistance applicant's experience and align with FEMA's Strategic Goals.

FEMA’s Public Assistance program revised its information collection (OMB No. 1660-0017) to simplify and streamline the program, reduce administrative burden, and incorporate a people-first approach.

Key improvements of the new information collection practices include:

·        Simplifying applicant forms by reducing jargon and eliminating redundant questions.

·        Implementing a risk-based approach by recognizing that not all applicants or projects require the same level of resources, documentation, or oversight.

·        Using technology to identify underserved communities to improve FEMA’s resource allocation and staffing needs.

·        Identifying all-hazards mitigation opportunities for applicant projects and reducing the burden to incorporate building codes and standards.

·        Introducing climate adaptation resources available to reduce the risk of climate-related disasters.

·        Introducing a project application that improves applicants’ ability to enforce building codes and floodplain management regulations, increasing speed of recovery.

The notice is available to view here FEDERAL REGISTER NOTICE (FR Doc. 2022-27082):

Comments are welcomed here on or before Feb. 13, 2023.

For more information about the improvements made in the revised information collection, visit

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