Monday, February 6, 2023

Education: Space Business Qualified: Fundamentals Certification courses

Master the Fundamentals of the Business of Space

Space Business Qualified: Fundamentals Certification Bundle Available

The GVF-SatProf-SSPI online, self-paced, SBQ enables students to master the fundamentals of the business of space, filling a critical gap in online training for people in the space and satellite industry; many of whom are new to the industry or looking to deepen their knowledge to increase their productivity and advance their career.
The SBQ Fundamentals course series comprises:
Fundamentals of Orbits & Getting into Space (SBQ401)
Spacecraft Fundamentals (SBQ402)
Space Communications Fundamentals (SBQ403)
Space Business - Markets (SBQ404)
Space Business - Finance, Legal & Regulatory (SBQ405)

For more details, please visit and contact us at Follow SBQ at #SpaceBQ.

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