Sunday, February 26, 2023

Mexico's African Mexican community February 2023

Author: Stolen Music


We have to be careful not to develop the mindset of the victimized. Focus must be on #solutions, balanced with #sociopolitical activism. By now we know the history of slavery, colonialism, and the European perpetrators. What matters most is what we as individuals or collectively are doing about it. Do #tangible stuff, no matter how small. The first place that the Spaniards brought the enslaved black Africans to Mexico was Vera Cruz. As a music researcher I discovered the style of music the Africans introduced in Vera Cruz is known as Son Jarocho. The same history is repeated in Brazil (Samba), Cuba (Rumba), Colombia (Cumbia) and elsewhere throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. The discrimination, racism and the exploitation of Afro culture is the reason I wrote the book #stolenmusic. It has stories of the various music genres of the #africandiaspora throughout the #americas. Our music valued in the billions of dollars is the de facto music of the world, but we don’t control or reap the benefits of the #economics. Please read my book. It wasn’t written with the intention of making money. I wrote the book because it is what we owe to the #africanancestors.

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