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Cybersecurity: STUXNET. The virus that prevented; then started the next world war.

Stuxnet | The Computer Virus that prevented and started the next world war

STUXNET. The virus that prevented; then started the next world war. Cyberwar is being waged right now in your name. No matter what country you call home, your government is engaged in highly dangerous combat on the Internet. Infrastructure around the world is under siege and everyone is at risk. Even you.

In 2010, the Stuxnet virus was discovered in Natanz, Iran and thousands of control systems that operate factories, power plants and nuclear reactors around the world. It was 20 times more sophisticated than any malware ever recorded. It could halt oil pipelines, destroy water treatment plants and bring down entire power grids.

Stuxnet is back, stronger than ever.

And we should *all* be concerned.

Cyber-security experts knew Stuxnet wasn't ordinary malware thrown together by some basement hacker. This was something different.

What security experts had discovered is called a zero-day exploit. A zero-day is so rare and valuable that you can actually sell it on the darknet for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over 12 million viruses are catalogued every year. And, maybe, 10 or 12 zero-day exploits. So it's a one-in-a-million occurrence.

But Stuxnet contained *four* zero-day exploits.

Eventually it was discovered that Stuxnet wasn't trying to steal passwords or data. It was actually targeting the software on Siemens programmable logic controllers, called PLCs.

If you can hack these PLCs, you can take down an entire country without firing a single shot.

And that was precisely the intention of the CIA, NSA when they built Stuxnet.

Let's find out why.

00:00 - Stuxnet discovered
00:28 - The Why Files
00:32 - Why are nuclear centrifuges failing?
01:30 - Why Stuxnet is different
04:12 - A Zero-Day Exploit
07:00 - An aggressive and specific virus
09:28 - Why was Iran targeted and by whom?
12:09 - Is a virus an act of war?
14:19 - The internet is an equalizer
15:20 - Stuxnet changed everything
17:51 - Nitro Zeus, even worse
19:50 - The next war is here
21:18 - Defeat the She-Wolf!

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