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Office of Management and Budget (OMB). List of Federal Grant and funding opportunities. They don't make it easy. May 2023

List of Federal Grant and Funding Opportunities  (

Guidance for all federal executive agencies falls within the Office of Management & Budget.


Mission of Office of Management & Budget 

Office of Management and Budget oversees the implementation of the President’s vision across the Executive Branch. 


OMB carries out its mission through five main functions across executive departments and agencies:

1.      Budget development and execution;

2.      Management, including oversight of agency performance, procurement, financial management, and information technology;

3.      Coordination and review of all significant Federal regulations from executive agencies, privacy policy, information policy, and review and assessment of information collection requests; and

4.      Clearance and coordination of legislative and other materials, including agency testimony, legislative proposals, and other communications with Congress, and coordination of other Presidential actions.

5.      Clearance of Presidential Executive Orders and memoranda to agency heads prior to their issuance.


Reference to list of grants and funding opportunities

These are the latest dated April 2022. 

OMB Compliance Supplement - to assist auditors in performing the required audits.    

OMB 2022 Compliance Supplement

Institutionalized racism and inequities can pop-up at any level. 

OMB is the guidance similar to an organization with a main headquarters with chapters.  Agencies can be considered as chapters that can get out of hand with their own little nuances and old boy\old girl networks with built-in inequities and racism.

Resources and Guidance

Additional resources and guidance can be found here. 

The resource is the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC,

Keep in mind as we learn the system, they change it.  FAC is currently under the U.S. Census Bureau (Census) and will transition to General Services Administration (GSA) in October 2023

Pass along.  

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