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Center for American Studies at Concord (
Race Matters Initiative: Keeping The Faith

You can join us in person or online:

Monday, June 19th
^ Monday 9 am:
Commemorative reading of the epitaph at the grave of former slave, John Jack, remarks on his life and labors, conversation.
Location: Old Hill Burying Ground, Concord Center

^ Monday 10 am - 11:30:
Juneteenth Family Program & Anti-Slavery Walking Tour
Location: Concord Museum, 53 Cambridge Turnpike. RSVP: Concord Museum

^ Monday 12 pm -1:30 pm:
Bring a picnic to the Robbins House festivities; Calvin Pearson (noted above) will offer some words. Location: 320 Monument Street, across from the North Bridge.

^ Monday 2 pm:
The belated honoring of George Washington Dugan, our fellow black Concord citizen and Civil War Veteran, who has yet to be included on Concord’s Civil War Monu- ment among those veterans, who offered up their own last full measure of devotion.
Location: Monument Square, Concord Center, before the Civil War obelisk

Monday, 4 pm,
Concord Prison, Elm St. “Malcolm X: Who Was He, Truly, & What Was the Central Lesson Malcolm Learned in Concord’s Prison? The Legacy of Shared Leadership” & The Prison Farms (to "occupy" the former slaves) as the sorry roots of our prison system. (Stuart, Clem Smith’s son, and Concord’s Prison Superintendent and Massachusetts Corrections Commissioner, tbc.)
Location: Concord Prison, 965 Elm St., Note RSVP: 207-481-0479; thank you.

^ Monday 7 pm:

How We Tell the History of Our Black Brothers & Sisters: Facts & Fictions ~ Lessons Learned. Presentation & Panel Discussion 

Opening Offering by Calvin Pearson, Founder of (noted above), gathering the shorn and dangling historic threads of his Afro-American People. 

Location: Wheelhouse Garden at the Bradford Mill @ 33 Bradford Street, West Concord

^ Monday 9 pm,
Wheelhouse Garden, Bradford St. Hard-Won Lessons of the Civil Rights Movement with Respect to Economic Freedom. Reflections by Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy and Bernard Lafayette, tbc. (Stuart and Bernard)

May the commemoration contribute to Concord becoming an historic “destination” for our fellow African and African-Americans, at long last. For, is that not what our Puritan Founders, Minutemen/Women, and Celebrated Authors are asking of us, along with
a growing number of contemporary Concordians: the long-awaited promise?
“Unearned suffering is redemptive.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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