Monday, July 24, 2023

BEMA International...... How to Build Non-Dues Revenue with Event Tech and Other Options.

It can be done.

For individuals and organizations your level of seriousness was payment of membership dues or other contribution to BEMA International

At BEMA International we are innovative in our approaches to disasters, financing, sustainability, and addressing issues of our communities using our 'DEC' (disaster, emergency, climate risk management) approaches.

Business as usual does not exist at BEMA International

BEMA International

How to Build Non-Dues Revenue with Event Tech 

How to Build Non-Dues Revenue with Event Tech 

The backbone of your association’s revenue is traditionally based on membership dues. The need to develop revenue options beyond that core model is increasing and associations are looking for new ways to build non-dues revenue. That’s revenue outside of your membership dues. Non-dues revenue can play a crucial role in your organization’s growth and financial stability.

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