Monday, July 31, 2023

Gender-Sensitive Language to use. July 2023

GNDR has worked with and supported women and girls who are affected in disaster contexts and when we invite them to participate in the different platforms, we must always use inclusive language.

We share this tool developed by UN Women, which recognizes the importance of language to fight against gender biases, and consequently promotes the use of gender-sensitive language in all contexts and on all occasions. Gender-sensitive language refers to language that places women and men on the same level and does not carry gender stereotypes.

This gender-sensitive lexicon includes around 650 terms in free consultation in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian. You can consult it using the "Find a term" search engine, or in alphabetical order.

Additional resources used by UN Women to ensure gender-sensitive language are also available in the right-hand menu. These will be updated as necessary and as the use of gender-inclusive language evolves.

We hope you find it useful, best regards

Here the link

Liza Hernandez
Regional Lead for Americas and the Caribbean

Lead of the Gender Inequality Risk Driver

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