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Food Insecurity. Is this information getting out in all languages? USDA Discrimination Claims. Section 22007 of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

A compensation system has been structured.  Is it effective?

1.  Each layer for the several types of entities\organizations contracted to administrator this program as a nonprofit, or private sector entity:
     a.   National Administrator,
     b.   Four regional hubs,
     c.   Organizational subcontractors,
     d.   Cooperators,

      as a layer of funding.  

2.  Fiscal agent or fiscal sponsorship role for many of those filing for compensation?

3.  Of 100%, 10% (National Administrator) deducted, 10% (Regional Hubs), 10% Organizational subcontractors, 10% Coooperators from the top-down have deducted possible 40% from the total budgeted with a REMAINDER of 60% for those filing for compensation.

Interesting figures.

BEMA International

Section 22007 of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

The Act requires USDA to contract with nongovernmental program administrators to coordinate the delivery of a national program of financial assistance to impacted farmers, ranchers, or forest landowners. The Department has begun the contracting process.

The program will involve several types of entities/organizations:

  • national administrator to oversee the program; this entity will contract with USDA.
  • Four regional hubs to provide outreach and technical assistance within their regions and process applications for financial assistance consistently and efficiently. These entities will contract with USDA.
  • Organizational subcontractors: the regional hub vendors are strongly encouraged to partner/subcontract with organizations with experience in agriculture, that work with and represent producers and that have a relationship with USDA. These partners/subcontractors may conduct outreach and assist potential applicants with the financial assistance application process.
  • Cooperators to conduct outreach and ensure potential applicants are informed about the program and have the opportunity to apply.

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