Thursday, August 31, 2023

Training': Cal OES and the California Specialized Training Institute. FREE. Basic EOC Training Material. August 2023


Basic EOC Training Materials - Free!

One of the many challenges facing all jurisdictions during the COVID-19 response is the ongoing need to staff Emergency Operations Centers and other coordination centers with trained personnel. We are all facing long-term sustained operations with no outside relief anticipated.

Cal OES and the California Specialized Training Institute recognize that jurisdictions at every level have an immediate need to train new staff to build their EOC cadres. To help you meet that need, we have placed basic EOC training materials online. These materials can be downloaded and used by your own experienced staff to provide initial training for new EOC assignees.

We are also working to develop interactive online courses that individuals can access directly and complete at their convenience. We will announce those as soon as they are available.


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