Thursday, November 23, 2023

What we know about an American woman and her daughter who were kidnapped in Haiti

Demonstrators in Haiti call Monday for the release of Dorsainvil and her daughter.

Alix Dorsainvil has been on staff tending to schoolchildren as a nurse since 2020 and married Sandro Dorsainvil in 2021, according to the non-profit.

A New Hampshire native, Alix Dorsainvil first visited Haiti after the 2010 earthquake while she was still in college and “fell in love with the people,” the non-profit said in a statement. She then spent breaks from school and summers visiting Haiti, saving her money and paying her own way back to the Caribbean nation as often as she could.
“She had lived in Haiti for multiple years, showing love and care in a variety of ways before coming on staff with us, but has had a heart for the hurting since she was a child,” El Roi Haiti said. “She seeks people out to show them love and compassion, and no one is excluded from receiving her kindness.”

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