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Community Imperative: Building Resilient Communities Through Social Justice Advancing an Equality Lens amidst Civil Unrest Thursday, 28 September 2023 07.30 AM PDT / 10.30 AM EDT / 04.30 PM (FRANCE/CEST)


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Building Resilient Communities Through Social Justice
Advancing an Equality Lens amidst Civil Unrest

🗓️ Thursday, 28 September 2023
🕘 07.30 AM PDT / 10.30 AM EDT / 04.30 PM (FRANCE/CEST)



For Black and Brown communities across North America, overlapping public health and climate crises have further exposed the realities of systemic racism, the deep inequities they face and how these inequities compound the negative impacts of urban shocks and stresses.

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, exposed these realities. As a result, member cities of the Resilient Cities Network in North America have come together through the Racial Equity Community of Practice (CoP) to help cities face these compounding challenges by offering support and encouragement by sharing best practices, tools, and experiences with a specific focus on anti-Black racism in North America. El Paso, one of the Racial Equity Community of Practice’s members, has been affected by historic racial and economic inequalities and has been working towards initiatives to address these to create healthy dialogue, embrace diversity and move towards action and change.

Meanwhile, France has also been dealing with similar compounding inequities. Recognizing the historical and systemic racial disparities in urban areas, French Agence Nationale pour la Rénovation Urbaine (ANRU) or National Agency for Urban Renovation, employs strategies to support ‘priority neighborhoods', urban areas with the greatest social difficulties with affordable housing, diverse community-centric infrastructure, and participatory planning. These initiatives ensure that racial and ethnic communities are not only integrated but are actively engaged and empowered for a racially equitable and inclusive urban transformation in France.
The tenth session of the Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series 2023, with the support of the
Embassy of the United States of America, France, and in collaboration with partners France Ville Durable, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World Bank, will focus on “Building Resilient Communities through Social Justice: Advancing an Equality Lens amidst Civil Unrest.

We’re bringing together Nicole Ferrini, Chief Resilience Officer of El Paso, Texas, in the U.S. and Laila Haddag, International Cooperation Project Manager at the National Agency for Urban Renewal (ANRU) in France, and Ron Harris, former Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) of Minneapolis, co-founder and chair of the Racial Equity Community of Practice (CoP) to exchange lessons learned and reflect on the realities and experiences in their journeys to dismantling systemic racism both at a local and a national level.

French simultaneous interpretation will be available for this session.  







Cities on the Frontline is a virtual thought leadership speaker series. The series, which began in 2020 co-organized by the Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank Group’s City Resilience Program, provides city practitioners and the industries and residents that they support, an understanding and means for responding to the pandemic and associated stresses, as well as solutions for planning towards a more resilient recovery.


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