Friday, September 15, 2023

Nigerian Center. Free Tax Services. Legal Aid Immigration Clinic

On behalf of the Nigerian Center.

As you may know, we run a legal aid immigration clinic, providing walk-in and remote services to our community across the country without ever closing our doors for a single day. This is possible through a volunteer team, pro bono lawyers, and the generosity of a few donors.

Now, we have an opportunity to expand this service further by adding a free tax clinic that will offer complimentary tax services and financial education.

Paying taxes in the United States is a significant part of the American dream, and while a service like this may not directly benefit you, your contribution will help many. Some of them have been unable to file taxes for years, and the results can have a profound impact on their ability to overcome poverty in America.

Can we count on your support through a donation to bring this project to life today?

Thank you for considering this opportunity to create a meaningful impact.

PS – Please note that we are an IRS 501C3 nonprofit organization. Donations to the Nigerian Center are tax deductible.

Warm regards,

Gbenga Ogunjimi

Founder & CEO, 

Nigerian Center Inc. An Immigrant & Cultural Center

Phone: (202) 330-0352

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