Saturday, October 7, 2023

Jazz. Our History Being overtaken by commercialism and glamour.


Too good not to share:
Why is jazz not part of the pop scene anymore?

Herbie Hancock - “Because it's not the music that matters anymore.
People don't care about the music itself anymore, but about who makes the music.

The public is more interested in celebrities and how a certain artist is more famous than music. It changed the way the audience relates to music. He no longer has a transcendental connection to music and its quality. Just wants the glamour. Jazz doesn't want to be part of it. Do you know why? It's not about humility, or arrogance, a posture ′′ we don't want to be famous, we're underground ".

None of that. Jazz is about the human soul, not about the appearance. Jazz has values, teaches to live the moment, work together, and especially to respect the next.

When musicians gather to play together, you have to respect and understand what the other does.

Jazz in particular is an international language that
  • represents freedom, because of its
  • roots in slavery.

Jazz makes people feel good about themselves.”

- Herbie Hancock

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