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Space. Get to Know the “20 Under 35” of 2023. Future Leaders Celebration on October 18 during Silicon Valley Space Week!

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Get to Know the “20 Under 35” of 2023

In last week’s issue of In Our Orbit, we introduced you to 5 members of this year’s “20 Under 35” cohort. Today, you’ll get to meet 5 more of 2023’s outstanding young future leaders of the industry!

Christian Keil is the Chief of Staff at Astranis, a manufacturer and operator of MicroGEO communications satellites. He leads both the marketing team and the regulatory team, roles in which he is the primary interface between Astranis and the outside world — whether heads of international regulatory agencies or fans on Twitter. After joining Astranis as its third businessperson, Christian played a pivotal role in scaling the company to over 300 employees and a $1.6 billion valuation. Read More

Srikanth Kodeboyina is the Founder and CEO of Blue Eye Soft Corp (BES), currently in the process of becoming Blue Space. The company initially offered IT consulting and management services, but it quickly expanded to include BlueDoc AI, Blue Space and Blue Space International, creating a specialty in the application of artificial intelligence models to analyze vast amounts of data, text and imagery. BES has established offices in South Carolina and New Mexico and intends to establish a presence in an international business hub in India next. Read More

Dr. Justyna Kosianka is a Senior Remote Sensing Scientist at Ursa Space Systems, with a history of designing and developing algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) analytics, geospatial modeling for synthetic SAR training data generation and data fusion. Within this she has focused on change detection as well as environmental monitoring analytics. Dr. Kosianka serves as the manager for Ursa’s SAR-based Analytics Team and has served as the technical lead for the company’s suite of SAR-based Earth observation analytics. Read More

Neha Lin is a Space Systems Engineer at Iridium. She joined the company in 2017 as a Satellite Payload Computer Engineer, during a pivotal time when Iridium had just begun retiring its older satellites and launching Iridium NEXT satellites with entirely new payload hardware and software, as well as hosted services. Neha swiftly investigated each of a multitude of challenging issues with on-orbit payload hardward and software and developed appropriate responses and procedures to minimize service impact. Read More

Dr. Zhe Liu is Senior Materials & Process Engineer at Maxar as well as an accomplished scientist with a broad range of expertise in material science, biopolymers and computer science. Dr. Liu joined Maxar in 2022, where she immediately put her broad range of skills and knowledge to use in producing successful composite structures for space applications. As part of her role at Maxar, she has directed multidisciplinary development programs, defined requirements for new materials and ensured appropriate process controls with international vendors. Read More

Want to meet these future leaders in person?

SSPI will be honoring the 2023 “20 Under 35” cohort at the annual Future Leaders Celebration on October 18 during Silicon Valley Space Week! Tickets are still on sale, but late sales start on Monday, October 9. Make sure to get your tickets before prices go up!

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