Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Syracuse, New York: The FORCE. A Fitting end to National Preparedness Month, A Beginning for Community Imperative and Engagement.


A volunteer-driven nonprofit dedicated to improving quality of life by
demonstrating and inspiring collective action


FORCE Location

 FORCE offers no cost and low cost programs, services and activities that aim to foster and develop human potential; improve quality of life; and build strong family relations of the poor and disenfranchised. 
  • CPR
  • CERT
  • Stop the Bleed
  • Safe Sitter

 Safe Sitter Program (Infant Care) 
Stop the Bleed 
Study Area
Study Area 

September 30, 2023 
Visit to the FORCE 
The FORCE Leaders Keith & Brenda Muhammid with Charles Sharp

To end National Preparedness Month I visited one of our earliest member sites in Syracuse, NY the 'FORCE' (Focusing Our Resources for Community Enlightenment).  The FORCE President Ms. Brenda Muhammad and Keith Muhammad, the family team have been active members of BEMA International since September 2011.

Both Brenda & Keith since always received our continued support as their nonprofit (FORCE) growth and ventures with the Onondaga CERT Council, college and higher education opportunities, webinars, financial, and other opportunities.

BEMA International has been there, and will continue to support the FORCE growth in their current and future programs for community enlightenment, sustainability, resiliency, STEAM, health (mental and physical) and wellness, and other programs especially for our next generation leaders.

The FORCE are creating leaders locally, nationally, and with the recent recipients of their services to the continent of Africa.

Thank you Brenda and Keith for letting BEMA International advise and serve your community.


Charles D. Sharp

BEMA International 
Cornell University Climate Fellow


bEMA International
Washington, D.C.  20020

Cooperation, Collaboration, Communication, Coordination, Community engagement, and  Partnering (C5&P)

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