Sunday, November 12, 2023

$140 Million $ in grants in LACounty. Join Sunday, November 12th 6pm Pacific Time\9pm Eastern

Red Flags for any nonprofit in the LA community.
  1. Not eligible due to ineligibility in U.S. IRS Tax Exempt Organization directory.
    1. Mandatory Ineligibility due to lack of filing IRS 990 tax form in 3-years.
    2. Check status here:
  2. No business financial institution based on IRS Tax Exempt status.
    1. Must keep personal or other business accounts separate.
  3. Use of FISCAL Sponsorship outside of region due to ineligible IRS Tax Exempt status.
Just three red flags, but the biggest hurdle is…..

           Lack of incentive for nonprofits in the community. 

           That “unwillingness to try is worst than any failure” (Nikki Giovanni).

Red flags and incentives are a national issue with nonprofits of communities of color.















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