Sunday, November 19, 2023

Community Imperative: Food or Alcohol and 'Head Shop' Establishments in communities of color. Washington, D.C. taking a stand.


Greetings Neighbors,


Per the Mayor’s Health Equity Report,”The stressors of living in neighborhoods with inadequate access to economic and educational opportunities has been flagged as indicative of trauma at the community level. Reduced community safety in the District is correlated with gaps in health-promoting community resources. Evidence shows that factors such as lack of jobs, racial and economic segregation, concentrated poverty, and high alcohol outlet density negatively impact community safety, quality of life, and neighborhood quality, as well as the likelihood of violence.”


According to the DC Police Department DC Crime Cards, as of November 5, 2023, all crimes went up by 271 near 2922 1/2 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE during the past two years when compared to the previous two years. Crimes included in this list include 47 homicides, 14 sexual assaults, and 321 assaults with dangerous weapons.


With four liquor stores and a bar located along this corridor, there is an extremely high alcohol density. There are, however, no banks, grocery stores, or outlets where fresh produce can be purchased in this corridor. The continued operation of businesses such as these will result in the deterioration of our community.


Therefore, based on the Mayor's Health Equity Report and the Metropolitan Police Department crime data, Sign on to the Friends of Salim Adofo letter requesting that the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) deny Victory In Him, LLC's (Quality 01 Convenience Store), located at
2922 1 ⁄ 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE, ABRA License - 124438, request to renew their ABRA license.

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