Wednesday, November 15, 2023

FEMA Improves Registration Intake for Disaster Survivors. November 2023


FEMA Advisory

FEMA Improves Registration Intake for Disaster Survivors

FEMA is simplifying and streamlining the application process for survivors applying for disaster assistance on and the call center.

Over the past two years, FEMA has been working to streamline the Registration Intake (RI) process for disaster survivors applying for assistance through FEMA call centers and

The new process improves the customer experience by providing a simpler, more intuitive application process while reducing the burden of applying for disaster assistance. This will provide applicants a simple, tailored, plain-language experience that only requires them to answer questions based on their specific assistance needs.

The updates at began Oct. 30 using a phased implementation approach with an initial 2% of applicants directed to the new registration intake process, which will increase to 100% over the coming months. The measured ramp up will ensure applicants are not affected by any technical issues that may come up. Updates to the call center registration intake also began Oct. 30 and will continue into 2024.

This initiative aligns with Executive Order 14058 – Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government.

FEMA continues to review and streamline disasters processes and procedures as part of our commitment to serve disaster survivors and jumpstart their recovery.

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