Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Funding Opportunity: Glenn W. Bailey Foundation invites applications for new STEM initiatives


Glenn W. Bailey Foundation invites applications for new STEM initiatives

The Glenn W. Bailey Foundation (GWB) invites applications for seed and continuation funding for organizations seeking programmatic funding for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education at all levels. The foundation is interested in enhancing the excitement for STEM in the classroom by funding STEM subjects and activities related to implementing high-quality curriculum and activities and promoting and supporting students interested in STEM fields and careers. Applications are invited for four new programs:

STEM Sprouts: An early education STEM) program designed to introduce young children, typically between the ages of three and 10, to the foundational concepts and skills within these four fields.

STEM Stars: Middle and high school advanced STEM program funding. Programming can take place before, during, or after school. Programs that successfully prepare interested students who wish to be fully prepared for their intended college STEM major by exposing them to advanced topics in science, engineering, computer science and more are encouraged.

STEM Scholars: A postsecondary STEM program aimed at providing colleges and universities with more funding and flexibility for their internal STEM programs. The program offers opportunities to expand on current programs or seed money to create new programs. Funding can support many activities and initiatives such as club activities, career management counselors, showcases, research projects, camps, tech talks, student clubs and organizations, lecture series, and professor continuing education programs.

Teen Tech Competition: The foundation is interested in supporting large STEM-related organizations interested in creating or continuing a tech competition for local youth. Organizations must operate under certain (but flexible) parameters and are encouraged to let the participating students lead the way in building the actual competition’s layout.

Through these programs, GWB seeks to promote and encourage students to become engaged in STEM at an early age. These programs are designed to follow learners through college and beyond. Programs are capped at either $25,000 or $50,000.

Applicants should be professors, teachers, principals, before and after care teachers, etc., and directly affiliated with an organization recognized as tax-exempt for charitable purposes by the IRS.

For complete program guidelines and application instructions, see the Glenn W. Bailey Foundation website.

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