Monday, November 13, 2023

Get your skill in Cybersecurity. Workforce Development.

Understand that coding (software) is not the all encompassing focus in cybersecurity.

Hardware, the physical assets of cybersecurity is one of the most vital areas to grasp in obtaining your skills and expertise.

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How to Get Started in Cybersecurity: The Best Tips from a Seasoned Professional
There are two main routes to gain knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity - getting a bachelor's degree or post-graduate degree in cybersecurity or focusing on prestigious certifications. Many successful candidates do a combination of both. Universities offer in-person and online cybersecurity programs with benefits and drawbacks to each. CompTIA certifications like Security+ are recommended starting points. Experience, certifications, and skills open doors for cybersecurity roles in areas like penetration testing, security operations, and infrastructure engineering with average salaries around $99,164. (WINDOWSCENTRAL.COM)

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