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Job Opportunities: New York City Emergency Management (NYCE). November 2023


New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) is responsible for coordinating citywide emergency planning and response for all types and scales of emergencies. It is staffed by more than 200 dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, including individuals assigned from other City agencies.

Our Mission: NYC Emergency Management helps New Yorkers before, during, and after emergencies through preparedness, education, and response.

Our Jobs: NYC Emergency Management has a variety of vacancies within multiple bureaus across the agency – the jobs summaries below are grouped by bureau. For the full job description, go to and search by the Job IDs listed below, or scan the QR code to be taken the NYCEM Careers site to learn more.

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BUREAU: Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Bureau helps communities become more resilient by providing guidance for community emergency planning for the most common hazards in New York City and connecting established community organizations and brings together leaders from volunteer programs, community and nonprofit organizations, and government, to promote preparedness at the local level.

Immigrant Engagement Specialist, $57,500-$65,000- Job ID# 607082

The Community Engagement Specialist position requires a creative individual who has demonstrated excellent community development and communication skills. In addition to being a strong presenter, they must be able to manage and coordinate multiple projects and initiatives simultaneously. This position requires someone who has a working knowledge of New York City, its immigrant community and has shown commitment to developing community resilience. The selected candidate will be expected to work non-traditional hours to meet program needs including some evenings and weekends.

BUREAU: Office of the Chief Financial Officer

The Procurement Unit (Office of the Agency Chief Contracting Officer) is responsible for providing management, oversight, review, and support of all procurement functions at NYCEM. NYCEM procurements are governed by the City Charter and the City Procurement Policy Board (PPB) Rules. The Finance Unit works to increase the agency’s capabilities through identifying and securing grant funding, assists units in developing programs that meet the objectives of the City’s investment strategies, continues sustainment of key agency programs, and ensures compliance.

Finance Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 607058

The Finance Specialist will work as part of the Finance Unit under the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and

will be expected to support all related division activities. Under the direction of the Deputy Director of Finance, the Finance Specialist will administer grant funds and monitor spending for various bureaus and divisions within NYC Emergency Management.

BUREAU: Logistics

The Logistics Division works to increase the City’s ability to support emergency operations with a sustained and well-coordinated supply chain of resources. It is comprised of the Humanitarian Logistics, Ground Support Logistics, and Mutual Aid and Resource Processing (MARP) units, and works to ensure that the right personnel, equipment, supplies, and support are in the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantities, across all response and recovery operations.

Logistics Program Manager, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 592096

New York City Emergency Management Department is looking for an innovative person with a passion for emergency management logistics. Applicants shall have a background in one or more of the following areas: emergency management logistics, humanitarian/mass care response logistics, mutual aid coordination, ground support logistics, logistics planning and/or other sectors of the logistics industry that would be able to contribute to NYCEM’s disaster logistics planning and response efforts.

BUREAU: Office of the Chief Counsel

The Office of the Chief Counsel provides legal advice to NYCEM executives and staff regarding critical, strategic, legal and policy issues facing the agency, engages in transactional work in support of the NYCEM mission and coordinates with the NYC Law Department, Office of the Counsel to the Mayor, and other local, state and federal counsels regarding various legal issues ranging from emergency events to litigation, which impact the agency. The Office of Chief Counsel is comprised of the Legal Affairs Unit, Disability, Access, and Functional Needs (DAFN) Legal Unit, and the Records Management Unit.

Director, Legal Civil Rights, $95,000-$110,000 – Job ID# 607230

Under the direction of the Deputy Chief Counsel and in coordination with the Senior Disability and Civil Rights Counsel, the selected candidate will, among a wide range of other duties, provide legal support to the Legal Affairs Unit and be responsible for the oversight of the activities necessary to maintain compliance with a Federal Court Settlement Order. The settlement required the enhancement of The City’s emergency preparedness plans and response and recovery activities related to people with access and functional needs, which includes people with disabilities, older adults, and others who are vulnerable during an emergency.

Records Program Manager, $65,000-$72,000 – Job ID# 608248

The Records Management unit is looking for a Records Program Manager who will work under the directions of the Chief Counsel and the Deputy Director, Records. The Program Manager will assist with maintaining and managing the agency’s electronic and physical records. This includes any day-to-day responsibilities and creating and implementing policies around agency records. The Program Manager will work with staff to ensure that all records are in compliance according to City policies and procedures. 

BUREAU: Readiness

The Readiness Bureau prepares the City for emergencies through a continuous cycle of planning, learning, and exercising, using a collaborative and forward-thinking approach.

Emergency Operations Center Program Manager, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 607197

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Program Manager is responsible for supporting programs that improve the City’s EOC operations, including through technology use in emergencies. The EOC Program Manager will liaise with NYCEM staff, NYCEM vendors, partner agency/organization stakeholders, and application developers to implement and refine EOC technologies that collect, process, and share real-time emergency information. The ideal candidate should have strong skills for project management, comfort learning different technologies as a user, and an interest in emergency management.

Exercises Program Manager, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 612174 & Job ID# 586099

New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) is seeking an Exercise Program Manager to work as part of the Readiness Bureau to accomplish the drills and exercise program development objectives as outlined in the US Department of Homeland Security’s (USDHS) grant funding requirements. For the purpose of this program, an Exercise Program Manager is expected to possess the skills, experience and training necessary to allow them to employ a proactive, versatile approach to drill and exercise support, knowledge of the Citywide Incident Management System (CIMS), emergency preparedness planning, exercise program development and implementation, in addition to a wide range of other duties, including records retention, and data management.

BUREAU: Office of Strategic Operations

The Office of Strategic Operations is composed of three units: Analysis and Evaluation Unit, which conducts qualitative and quantitative analyses to identify and track to completion strategic recommendations that improve the City’s emergency response posture; Strategy and Innovation Unit, which conducts strategic planning and implements novel initiatives and programs that enhance the City’s emergency management practice; and Continuity of Operations (COOP) Unit, which manages the City’s COOP Program, enabling City agencies to continue providing essential services during emergencies.

Monitoring and Evaluation Program Manager, $65,000-$72,000 – Job ID# 606870

The Monitoring and Evaluation Program Manager will be responsible for overseeing the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, for conducting post-incident evaluations following emergency preparedness exercises and real-world activations, and for creating and implementing an agency-wide monitoring and evaluation strategy to continuously improve operations.

BUREAU: Office of the Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The Office of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) is comprised of Human Capital Management (HCM), Information Technology (IT), Support Services and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Office of the COO is focused on implementing agency initiatives and strategies into daily operations to meet agency objectives and goals.

Program Manager, Emergency Data Governance, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 600434

NYCEM has an exciting opportunity for a motivated data professional to join the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) unit as a Program Manager for the NYC Emergency Data Governance Initiative. The Program Manager will provide technical and administrative support to the Emergency Data Governance Committee (EDGC). The selected applicant will coordinate and document Committee meetings; develop sample datasets or improve existing agency data; and assist in tracking and reporting grant funds.

Director, Human Capital Management, $95,000-$106,388 – Job ID# 606909

Director, Human Capital Management is responsible for day-to-day management of the Human Capital Management Team. The Director, Human Capital will specifically lead in the areas of talent management, employee relations, payroll and timekeeping, benefits, HRIS and analytics, HR compliance, change management, organizational and performance management.

Human Capital Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 591704

The Human Capital Specialist is responsible for assisting in the daily functions of the HCM team across the areas of recruitment and benefits. The Human Capital Specialist will be the main point of contact for health benefits administration and Department of Investigations processing. The Specialist will also manage employee onboarding and all on-boarding documents, assist in the agency’s recruiting efforts and conduct new hire orientations and on-boarding processing meetings. The selected candidate will also be responsible for general personnel administration, maintenance, and follow up including reporting, filing, and scanning.

BUREAU: Planning and Resilience

The Planning and Resilience Bureau is responsible for all phases of the disaster cycle including planning, interagency coordination, risk analysis, mitigation, and recovery, as well as units with subject matter and technical expertise in the fields of health and medical, human services, and transportation and infrastructure.

Critical Infrastructure Program Manager, $65,000-$72,000 – Job ID# 608635

Reporting directly to the Director of Critical Infrastructure, the Critical Infrastructure Program Manager will support the unit’s efforts in all aspects of planning, and operational coordination related to emergency transportation contingencies, utility disruptions, and hazards impacting public infrastructure in New York City. The Critical Infrastructure Program Manager will also manage the development of plans for coordinating a citywide response to public hazards. 

Shelter Program Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 598540

The Shelter Specialist reports to the Shelter Program Manager in the Human Services Unit, within the Planning and Resilience Bureau at NYCEM. The Specialist works with the Program Manager to write, maintain, amend, and operationalize emergency response plans and supporting materials in support of the Coastal Storm Plan’s Citywide Sheltering Plan. The Specialist also acts as a liaison to and co-chair of the Citywide Shelter Planning Board, a committee made up of City agencies responsible for the staffing considerations of running the City’s emergency coastal storm shelters.

Mitigation Program Manager, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 605513

With latitude for independent initiative and judgment, NYC Emergency Management seeks a candidate responsible for supporting and coordinating mitigation projects. This position will report to the Director of Mitigation. This includes leading agency engagement and scoping projects for the City’s applications for hazard mitigation funds, such as Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) and Building Resilient Infrastructure and Community (BRIC) grants, supporting implementation of the City’s hazard mitigation grant awards and coordinating with implementing agencies on meeting federal grant and other requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

Health & Medical Program Manager, $65,000-$71,931 – Job ID# 606884

Reporting to the Director of Health & Medical within the Planning and Resilience Bureau, the Health & Medical Planning Program Manager will collaborate with relevant agency partners to develop citywide emergency response plans for a wide range of natural and man-made hazards that may impact the NYC Healthcare Sector. The Program Manager will be involved in leading the periodic testing, review, and revision of these plans and will work with local, state, federal, and private sector partners for their successful implementation.

Plan Management Specialist, $57,500-$64,500 – Job ID# 606429

Reporting to the Plan Management Program Manager, the Specialist will have broad responsibility to coordinate, implement, and socialize the planning process for citywide emergency response plans, as well as track and maintain all citywide planning documents. This position will be responsible for streamlining existing mechanisms, facilitating intra-agency coordination and communication, and socializing initiatives.

BUREAU: Response/Watch Command

The Watch Command unit monitors citywide radio frequencies; local, national, and international media; and weather forecasts 24 hours per day, seven days per week. They function as the central notification point for NYC, transmitting notifications to agencies and Notify NYC messages. Watch Command also dispatches Citywide Interagency Coordinators, deploys the Interagency Communications Vehicle and in support of incident command, dispatches assets, subject matter experts and request additional agency support when necessary.

Watch Commander, $60,000-$60,000 – Job ID# 606474

The Watch Command unit is seeking a Watch Commander to assist in a wide variety of tasks related to teams daily operations. This unit a 24/7/365 unit that works to alert the agency and city officials to monitor various points of communication for situational awareness of incidents that can impact the City and assist our larger Response bureau in responding to those incidents. Under the supervision of the Watch Command Supervisor, with latitude for independent initiative and judgment, the Watch Commander would also perform professional work of varying degrees of difficulty and responsibility.

Public Warning Specialist, $60,000-$60,000 – Job ID# 602127

Reporting to the Director of Public Warning, the candidate will prepare and disseminate notifications, alerts, and messages for Notify NYC, the City of New York's official source for information about emergency events and important City services; Provide ongoing system monitoring; Ensure that public safety communications are properly processed; Ensure that data is correctly formatted; Perform quality assurance assessments of data; Perform testing and maintenance of notification systems; Prepare operational reports and analysis; Monitor multiple sources of information related to data telecommunications; Communicate with various agencies and organizations in order to confirm the scope and impact of data relating to incidents; Support the collection and analysis of data utilizing multiple sources of information, including GIS, in order to develop reporting systems; Participate in telecommunications testing; and coordinate special projects as assigned; assist with Ready New York presentations to external groups.

Please note: All NYCEM employees are expected to work non-traditional hours to meet the program needs including evenings and weekends. NYCEM employees are assigned to a rotating Emergency Operations Center team and will be expected to work non-business hours during emergencies. The selected candidate will also participate in drills and exercises, assist with Ready NY presentations to external groups, and will undertake special projects as assigned.

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