Sunday, November 12, 2023

LOCAL LEVEL: Grant Opportunities. Prepare your nonprofit. November 2023

More and more funding\grant opportunities will be offered to nonprofits at the local community level rather than thru a national organization (i.e. BEMA International, NAACP, or others).

At BEMA International we stress local level funding rather.  The pandemic of 2020-Present (extended long term recovery) focused on all services at the local level from mental & physical well-being, water and food insecurity, preparing for and responding to disasters\emergency and the impacts of climate change.

All disasters\emergencies are local initially, and may expand to a regional or national impacts for assistance with assets and resources to save life, and return to some normalcy but with new approaches and solutions. 

Innovative ideas and approaches with 'whole community' engagement.  Every member of the community aware, engaged, and participating are a vital part of community resilience, sustainment, mitigation, and adaptation to a changing environment.

'Business as usual' before cannot be returned.  New approaches and others 'at the table' with a voice in the decision-making process make it better for all.

Prepare your nonprofit,  Dot your 'I's, cross your 'T's.  Get the funding that your community deserves.

The community imperative involves all be engaged and participating.

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