Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Space Business Qualified (SBQ) program



Can launching your rocket damage your company’s balance sheet?


When a rocket goes up, how could its company’s balance sheet go down? 


Strange idea – but perfectly possible given the financial complexities of the space business. That’s why you and your people need to be Space Business Qualified. It offers affordable, self-paced online training in the fundamentals of the space business – including the finances of space companies – for people entering the industry for the first time and people taking on bigger responsibilities. Check out our 1-minute video for a preview of what you can learn.


Developed by industry associations and their learning company, it works as training for individuals or integrated into an enterprise program. It’s available now at www.spacebq.org/take-course for individual sale and enterprise multi-seat licenses.

You have registered for at least one of our courses already, and we hope you have seen its value. If you think others in your organization might benefit as well, let’s talk. Email me at greg@satprof.com or send me a text at +1(214)507-7059Don’t let a lack of financial savvy keep your career from lifting off.


About the Space Business Qualified (SBQ) program

SBQ is a set of online courses and certifications that provide a comprehensive understanding of the business of space today and tomorrow. 


Produced by organizations with over 80 years of combined experience in space & satellite, SBQ offers a series of online courses, taught through a mix of self-paced, interactive tutorials, videos, illustrations, and testing to validate understanding and reinforce learning. Fundamentals courses (available now) will lead to more specialized courses (available soon) in satellite communications, earth observation and spacecraft and launch. 

For details, please visit spacebq.org. You're welcome to contact us at info@SpaceBQ.org and please follow SBQ at #SpaceBQ.






  • For new hires, employees changing jobs and job-seekers
  • Individual courses, full modules, or a certification path
  • Increase effectiveness and boost career growth
  • Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars





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Please note: the GVF Training program and the SBQ training program are separate programs requiring separate enrollments and fees. The SBQ courses are not included in the annual GVF Training Membership course curriculum.


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