Friday, January 5, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI). Presence in Place Longer Than You Think. Old-Fashioned and Traditional AI

 DOJ AI Tool Has Been in Pilot Stage for Over Three Years
The Department of Justice's Intelligent Records Consolidation Tool, designed to assist in record consolidation and categorization, has remained in the pilot stage for more than three years. Despite being listed as a priority in a 2020 AI strategy document, the tool's progress has been slow, and it is unclear why it has not advanced beyond the pilot stage. The Biden administration's push for AI adoption in federal agencies highlights the need for progress in implementing such tools. (FEDSCOOP.COM)

Don't Forget About 'Old-Fashioned' AI
While generative artificial intelligence (AI) has received significant attention, "old-fashioned" AI still has its place in many instances. Old-fashioned AI, which doesn't involve machines talking back to the operator, remains useful for routine tasks and cases that require human examination. Predictive modeling functions, such as foot traffic analysis, also continue to benefit from traditional AI. Deloitte's annual report highlights the importance of both generative and old-fashioned AI, with ongoing experimentation and implementation in government and commercial sectors. Additionally, the discussion around computing power and the emergence of quantum computing is gaining momentum. (DEFENSEONE.COM)

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