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SPECIAL. Process & Procedures. FEMA Seeks Volunteers for Virtual BRIC National Review Panels

Change without sacrifice is an illusion.

Everything should be made simple as possible, but not simpler – Albert Einstein

This is the U.S. BRIC’s (Building Resilient Infrastructure Communities), NOT the

International BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).  International BRICS is another issue to be addressed.

To our members in the U.S. at the State, County, City, Townships levels, and Federal agencies.  It’s not just a matter of being in a secured position, working from 9-to-5 or whatever your working hours entail.  But ensuring that your stakeholders, the public, the community(s) are served that you have taken a commitment to serve.

An opportunity to add to your six-month or annual performance appraisal by collaborating and working with both internal and external entities.  That your expertise in times of crisis from natural, man-made, crisis events, especially from the COVID pandemic crisis that affected all the critical infrastructure sectors.

Consider volunteering for te BRIC National Review Panels to ensure true transparency, equity, and inclusion for all members of your community, your stakeholders.

If not, the same names from the same organizations will always be the ones taking the step for additional duties and representing our communities.

Change without a sacrifice is an illusion.  Make the sacrifice of your time. Work with your management to include this as part of your evaluation as an additional duty.  Not just an additional duty as an after thought when the deadline approaches, but an additional duty for positive change.



Charles D. Sharp
Chair\CEO BEMA International

January 5, 2024-  Subscribe

FEMA Seeks Volunteers for Virtual BRIC National Review Panels

FEMA is seeking volunteers from state, local, tribal and territorial governments and other federal agencies to participate on the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) virtual national review panels. Participation in these panels will strengthen the BRIC review process by ensuring it is transparent, equitable and inclusive

The agency is accepting Expression of Interest forms from Jan. 8, 2024–Feb. 15, 2024. These volunteers will leverage their mitigation experience and expertise to determine how subapplications meet BRIC qualitative evaluation criteria.

The virtual panels will run April 8 – May 3, 2024, on Zoom.

Panelists will serve 30 hours on one weekly panel from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Eastern Time, as well as participate in a three-hour training.

FEMA anticipates that panel participants will commit eight hours a day over the course of five business days. All reviews will be conducted virtually and there is no compensation for participating on the panels.

For more information, visit the BRIC homepage on


Charles D. Sharp


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Change without sacrifice is an illusion.

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