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“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” —Angela Davis

Living history.  Honoring the Past, the Present and the Future.

Focus:  Dr. Gerald Higginbotham’s Life Mission is Spelled FREEDOM


Former Commercial Airline Captain is on a mission to fulfill his life’s purpose through education and action, all for the cause of freedom and peace here on earth as it is in heaven. 

Black History Month is an excellent time to focus on some of the good that God is doing in our city, our surrounding geographical areas, nation states, on the continent of Africa, in Bermuda and around the globe, through the visionary leadership of Dr. Gerald A. Higginbotham.

Higginbotham, affectionately known as Captain Dr. G., is from Watts, California. He is a son, a brother to 10 of his beloved siblings, a father, a husband of 37 years, and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He’s also a mentor and now after 40 years of exemplary service, he is a retired American Airlines captain. He has authored two books and is the founder of Captain’s Millionaires, Inc., a platform that he built to bring freedom to people through wealth education and mentorship.

In October 2022, Higginbotham literally had an out of body experience when he underwent emergency open heart surgery with two of three arteries clogged 90%, and one was 100% clogged, but God built a fourth artery, which was discovered during surgery.  He knows that God preserved his life because of the great calling on his life.

Not only is Higginbotham called to see his people thrive and live life more abundantly in every area of their lives, but he also represents the 21 million descendants of American slaves as the Prime Minister of the American Slave Nation (ASN). The ASN is a six-year-old government via contract that is a lost and hidden jewel in America.

The ASN is an underground republic via contract that represents the 21 million descendants of American slaves, a jubilee nation state in America.  The premise is that slavery was used as an industrial commodity and a redemptive currency to build the United States of America. Because ASN is a jubilee nation state and has formed several treaties with other nations, it can do business with other nations or Kingdoms.

For example, Bermuda is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, a monarchy. It was one of the original colonies that Great Britain used in 1619 – along with Virginia – to help establish slave trading in British North America.

Bermuda has continuously evolved as a diplomatic sanctuary in international waters for corporate America and is now considered to be the international insurance laboratory of the world. ASN is working with the people of Bermuda to celebrate its jubilee culture and to wipe out poverty.

We must act locally but think globally,” stated Higginbotham.

To date, ASN has signed treaties with Bermuda, Haiti, the Kingdom of Edom, and the Ateker Kingdom, which has 750 kingdoms/chiefdoms under their nation. 

On Jan. 15, Dr. Higginbotham received the MLK Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award at the 22nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Breakfast and Tribute held at the Ontario Airport Doubletree Hotel.  The theme of the event, which was hosted by J.E.T.M.A.C. founded by Dr. Trudy Coleman, was “Continuing the Dream.”

Prior to accepting this prestigious award, Higginbotham, who had previously been honored by the City of Fontana, California and the County of San Bernardino for his years of civil service and community outreach, shared what was on his heart. In his speech he stated, “The few years I did get to witness Dr. King’s life with my own eyes, inspired this part of my life.

“It was the night of the Watts rebellion, August 11, 1965, when I got the wake-up call that something was not right. Three years later at the age of 10, the community in Watts burned down again. From there I accepted the call that Dr. King had for dreamers.

“Dr. King dreamt of a nation where young Black children, like me at the time, could soar through the skies, unburdened by the shackles of prejudice. It just so happens we lived under the flight paths of airplanes arriving and taking off from LAX, so with the passing of every plane’s loud roar, my dream to fly one day began to take root.”

Becoming the captain of a commercial airline did not come without harsh challenges.

“When I had to sue three major airlines for racist hiring practices, doing so with other pilots resulted in three settlements and most importantly, the creation of new hiring policies that benefited Black and minority pilots so the reality of segregated airspaces of the commercial airline industry would be no more,” said the captain.

“My 40-years of flying wasn’t just about personal triumph; it was about breaching barricades, paving the way for others, and witnessing the power of collective action.

“Today, the radiant legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a figure whose name still casts a beacon of hope in these ever-turbulent times, and the purpose for which I was born, drive me to persevere and remain hopeful. I appreciate his unwavering belief in the transformative power of unity because it blazed a path for many, like me,” he concluded.

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