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Job Opportunities: New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) March 2024


Director, Continuity of Operations, $95,000-$95,000 – Job ID# 629785
With latitude for independent initiative and judgment, the COOP Director will oversee a team of COOP Project Managers (PMs) and Specialists. This team is responsible for coordinating with City agency COOP teams to build and maintain the City’s ability to continue operations during emergencies. The Director will be responsible for citywide COOP program administration and key initiatives such as the essential service review. The Director will also work within NYCEM to continuously improve the agency’s internal continuity program. The ideal candidate will have COOP and emergency management experience, project management expertise, the ability to effectively communicate and facilitate, demonstrated experience with stakeholder engagement, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

BUREAU: Office of the Chief Counsel
The Office of the Chief Counsel provides legal advice to NYCEM executives and staff regarding critical, strategic, legal and policy issues facing the agency, engages in transactional work in support of the NYCEM mission and coordinates with the NYC Law Department, Office of the Counsel to the Mayor, and other local, state and federal counsels regarding various legal issues ranging from emergency events to litigation, which impact the agency. The Office of Chief Counsel is comprised of the Legal Affairs Unit, Disability, Access, and Functional Needs (DAFN) Legal Unit, and the Records Management Unit.

Program Manager, Records, $65,000-$72,000 – Job ID# 608248
The Records Management unit is looking for a Records Program Manager who will work under the directions of the Chief Counsel and the Deputy Director, Records. The Program Manager will assist with maintaining and managing the agency’s electronic and physical records. This includes any day-to-day responsibilities and creating and implementing policies around agency records. The Program Manager will work with staff to ensure that all records are in compliance according to City policies and procedures.

BUREAU: Office of Strategic Operations
The Office of Strategic Operations is composed of three units: Analysis and Evaluation Unit, which conducts qualitative and quantitative analyses to identify and track to completion strategic recommendations that improve the City’s emergency response posture; Strategy and Innovation Unit, which conducts strategic planning and implements novel initiatives and programs that enhance the City’s emergency management practice; and Continuity of Operations (COOP) Unit, which manages the City’s COOP Program, enabling City agencies to continue providing essential services during emergencies.

Data Visualization Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 592175
The Data Visualization Specialist will be responsible for supporting the development and implementation of data visualizations to establish situational awareness during emergencies, identify trends and potential areas for improvement, and encourage data-driven decision-making during day-to-day operations. The ideal candidate should have prior experience responding to requests for data and analysis, contributing to projects from scope development to delivery, and interpreting the results in a concise, easy-to-understand manner.

Continuity of Operations Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 627039
The COOP Specialist will be responsible for supporting NYCEM’s internal continuity program as well as contributing to citywide COOP program across participating City agencies. The ideal candidate will have previous COOP and / or emergency management experience, project management skills, interpersonal communications skills and experience with stakeholder engagement, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Strategic Initiatives Program Manager, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 628245
The Strategic Initiatives Program Manager will oversee – from start to finish – the implementation of internal and interagency strategic initiatives to improve the City’s response posture and operations. The ideal candidate will have previous project management and/or emergency management experience, facilitation and interpersonal communication skills, stakeholder engagement experience, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Innovation Program Manager, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 625486
The Innovation Program Manager will oversee the Innovation Program by soliciting staff ideas, developing project proposals and plans, and coordinating with staff from across the agency to implement innovative solutions. The ideal candidate will have previous project management and/or emergency management experience, facilitation and interpersonal communication skills, stakeholder engagement experience, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Monitoring and Evaluation Program Manager, $65,000-$72,000 – Job ID# 606870
The Monitoring and Evaluation Program Manager will report to the Director of Analysis and Evaluation. The Monitoring and Evaluation Program Manager will be responsible for conducting after-action reports following emergency preparedness exercises and real-world activations and for creating and implementing an agency-wide monitoring and evaluation strategy to continuously improve operations.

BUREAU: Office of the Chief Operating Officer (COO)
The Office of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) is comprised of Human Capital Management (HCM), Information Technology (IT), Support Services and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Office of the COO is focused on implementing agency initiatives and strategies into daily operations to meet agency objectives and goals.

Program Manager, Emergency Data Governance, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 600434
NYCEM has an exciting opportunity for a motivated data professional to join the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) unit as a Program Manager for the NYC Emergency Data Governance Initiative. The Program Manager will provide technical and administrative support to the Emergency Data Governance Committee (EDGC). The selected applicant will coordinate and document Committee meetings; develop sample datasets or improve existing agency data; and assist in tracking and reporting grant funds.

Systems Engineer, $85,000-$104,000 – Job ID# 619710
NYCEM’s Information Technology unit is seeking an experienced Systems Engineer with a demonstrated track record in successfully migrating workloads from on-premises to Microsoft 365. The ideal candidate will possess in-depth experience in advanced configuration of Microsoft 365 applications and a proven ability to effectively manage security for a modern distributed workforce. We are looking for an IT professional with expertise in Microsoft 365 hybrid environments.

BUREAU: Planning and Resilience
The Planning and Resilience Bureau is responsible for all phases of the disaster cycle including planning, interagency coordination, risk analysis, mitigation, and recovery, as well as units with subject matter and technical expertise in the fields of health and medical, human services, and transportation and infrastructure.

DAFN Human Services Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 630690
The DAFN Human Services Specialist is responsible for coordinating programs in the Human Services Unit supporting people with disabilities and access and functional needs, including NYC’s Cooling Center and NYC’s Advance Warning System programs. The selected candidate will work closely with existing Cooling Center partner agencies and recruit new partners to understand their operations, train them on their obligations under the Cooling Center Protocol and position them for successful activations.

Mitigation Operations Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 630999
NYC Emergency Management seeks a candidate responsible for (1) coordinating the Mitigation Unit’s Interim Flood Protection Measures (IFPM) program which provides temporary protection from storm surge to City facilities and neighborhoods (2) supporting Mitigation Operations activities including but not limited to interagency coastal resiliency emergency operational planning and sharing deployable flood protection best practices with other entities, and (3) providing operational support to the Mitigation Grants technical assistance team through tracking, reporting, and other activities.

Health and Medical Planning Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 627177
Reporting to the Director of Health & Medical within the Planning and Resilience Bureau, the Health & Medical Planning Specialist will collaborate with relevant agency partners to develop citywide emergency response plans for a wide range of natural and man-made hazards that may impact the NYC Healthcare Sector. The Specialist will be involved in the periodic testing, review, and revision of these plans and will work with local, state, federal, and private sector partners for their successful implementation.

Mitigation and Resiliency Specialist, $57,000-$65,000 – Job ID# 626807
NYC Emergency Management seeks a candidate responsible for supporting and coordinating mitigation efforts to reduce risk of climate change and extreme weather hazards, and increase resiliency of NYC communities, infrastructure, and facilities. This position will report to the Director of Mitigation. This includes supporting coordination of scoping projects for the City’s applications for hazard mitigation funds, such as Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) and Building Resilient Infrastructure and Community (BRIC) grants; supporting implementation of the City’s hazard mitigation grant awards and coordinating with implementing agencies on meeting federal grant and other requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

BUREAU: Readiness
The Readiness Bureau prepares the City for emergencies through a continuous cycle of planning, learning, and exercising, using a collaborative and forward-thinking approach. The overall goal of the NYCEM Learning and Development Unit is to create a highly skilled emergency management community by offering the best training possible, build true leaders who can prepare for and respond to any type of emergency situation, and coordinate effectively with internal and external partners.

Program Manager, Interagency Training, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 627148
The Interagency Training Program Manager will be responsible for the development and implementation of comprehensive training programs to support both intra-agency and inter-agency emergency management training. This position requires Learning and Development experience. The Interagency Training Program Manager will take part in learning and development projects and programs as assigned by the Director of Learning and Development.

BUREAU: Logistics
The Logistics Bureau is made up of the Urban Search & Rescue, Humanitarian Logistics, Ground Support Logistics, Logistics Planning and Coordination, and the Mutual Aid and Resource Processing units.  In blue skies, the Logistics Bureau works to increase the City’s emergency response and recovery capabilities by providing logistics planning support for agency and Citywide response programs.
In grey skies, the Bureau provides active resource management for response programs, staffs operational task forces, and coordinates mutual aid requests.

Logistics Program Manager, $65,000 - $74,000 – Job ID# 627730
New York City Emergency Management Department (NYCEM) is seeking a Logistics Program Manager who is an innovative person with a passion for emergency management logistics. Applicants shall have a background in one or more of the following areas: emergency management logistics, humanitarian/mass care response logistics, mutual aid coordination, ground support logistics, logistics planning and/or other sectors of the logistics industry that would be able to contribute to NYCEM’s disaster logistics planning and response efforts. Under the supervision of the Logistics Director, with wide latitude for independent initiative and judgement, the Logistics Program Manager will be responsible for planning and preparing for the logistics needs of current and future support.

Logistics Specialist, $57,500 - $65,000 – Job ID# 630997
Under the supervision of the Director of Mutual Aid & Resource Processing, with wide latitude for independent initiative and judgment, the Logistics Specialist will increase logistics coordination when NYC is requesting or providing mutual aid. The Specialist will work closely with other units within NYCEM, as well as City, State, Federal, and non-governmental agency partners to develop and maintain existing mutual aid capabilities.

BUREAU: Response/Field Operations
The Response Bureau is responsible to monitor incidents throughout the City, alert the public and City agencies of any ongoing complex or dynamic incidents, initiate NYCEM response, on-scene coordination and logistics support, and special event planning and coordination. It consists of Watch Command, Public Warning Unit, Field Response Unit, and the Response Support Unit.

Interoperability Coordinator, $65,000-$65,000 – Job ID# 627150
The Interoperability Coordinator plays a critical role in the city’s interoperable communications effort. The IC works with emergency response agencies and communications personnel across all levels of government to implement a citywide strategic vision for interoperability. This includes improving the ability of emergency response agencies to talk to one another via communication systems—to exchange voice and/or data with one another on demand, in real time, when needed, and as authorized.

Watch Commander, $60,000-$60,000 – Job ID# 606474
The Watch Command unit is seeking a Watch Commander to assist in a wide variety of tasks related to teams daily operations. This unit a 24/7/365 unit that works to alert the agency and city officials to monitor various points of communication for situational awareness of incidents that can impact the City and assist our larger Response bureau in responding to those incidents. Under the supervision of the Watch Command Supervisor, with latitude for independent initiative and judgment, the Watch Commander would also perform professional work of varying degrees of difficulty and responsibility.

BUREAU: External Affairs
The External Affairs bureau works to engage with New Yorkers, elected officials, community organizations, private businesses and regional partners to inform them about the agency’s and the City’s efforts before, during, and after an emergency. Its units include Public Information (Press and Communications), Government Relations, and Strategic Partnerships.

Senior Press Officer, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 602123
Join the New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) team as a Senior Press Officer in our External Affairs bureau's Press unit. In this high-impact role, you'll help secure New York City's resilience by delivering key information and executing strategic communication plans. You'll be involved in daily press operations and act swiftly during emergency incidents. As a vital link to the public, stakeholders, and media, you'll convey complex emergency issues clearly and consistently. In your role, you'll be instrumental in shaping and executing our agency's public information strategy, ensuring its alignment with our broader vision. You'll also manage various press portfolios, concentrating on establishing solid relationships with local media to achieve a unified communication strategy.


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