Sunday, March 3, 2024

Threats are always present. Just a few bullets. March 2024.

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  • Criminals Targeting Casino Employees Through Imposter Scams
  • Threat Actors Conduct Employment Scams by Impersonating US Companies for Financial Gain
  • Neighborhoods Targeted in Fraudulent Credit Card Scheme


  • JCSA - #StopRansomware: Phobos Ransomware
  • JCSA - Threat Actors Exploit Multiple Vulnerabilities in Ivanti Connect Secure and Policy Secure Gateways
  • Joint Cyber Security Advisory - #StopRansomware: ALPHV Blackcat
  • JCSA - Russian Cyber Actors Use Compromised Routers to Facilitate Cyber Operations
  • Joint Threat Assessment - 2024 State of the Union Address US Capitol Building, Washington, DC
  • SVR Cyber Actors Adapt Tactics for Initial Cloud Access


  • Criminal Hacktivist Activity Disrupts Operations at Two US Water Utilities Using Relatively Simple Tactics (DHS,EPA)
  • HC3 - Identifying and Mitigating Threats from Fraudulent Websites in HPH Sector (DHHS)
  • The InfoGram - Feb 29 (EMR-ISAC)
  • Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome Could Allow for Arbitrary Code Execution (MS-ISAC)
  • The Counterterrorism Digest – Feb 28 (NCTC)
  • Threats by Domestic Violent Extremists Broaden Among Healthcare Sector Targets, Compromise Sector Operations (DHS)
  • HC3 - HPH Entities Urged to Patch High Risk Vulnerabilities from Remote Access Tool (DHHS)
  • The Cyber Shield – Feb 26 – Mar 1 (NMCWIG)

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