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Why food matters for climate change. Project Drawdown. Latest News. March 2024

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A graphic for the Drawdown Ignite webinar titled, "Food Matters: Why climate change may hinge on what we eat and how we grow it"

Feeding the Planet
without Destroying It

To stop climate change and build a sustainable future food matters – a lot! Though fossil fuels, electricity, transportation, and buildings get much of the attention, what we eat and how we grow is directly responsible for around 22% of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions. More concerning still, food-related emissions are growing even in countries that are beginning to reduce their emissions in other sectors. 

In our next Drawdown Ignite webinar, happening March 28, executive director Jonathan Foley will present a new framework for addressing climate change from food, agriculture, and land use. Plus, he will offer a glimpse into a Project Drawdown Food initiative launching this year that will bring sharper focus to solutions in this space. Register now >>

A graphic that reads "Your Job is a Climate Job"

Have you made your job a climate job?

Project Drawdown is seeking stories of employees who have made their jobs climate jobs using our Job Function Action Guides. If you haven’t already, check out the guides, and if you use them to take climate action at work, let us know! >>

Indré Rockefeller x Project Drawdown

In the coming weeks, we'll be collaborating with environmentalist and businesswoman Indré Rockefeller to spread the word about climate solutions and individual action on social media! Be sure to follow Indré and Project Drawdown on Instagram so you don't miss a post, and check out the first in the series now >>

Identity and resilience as climate superpowers

“They say 80% of the job is just showing up, show up to the march, make the phone call, send the email, write the newsletter blurb…all of this work is ultimately little pieces stitched together,” says Nathaly Agosto Filión, deputy climate resilience officer for the state of New Jersey. For more on how Nathaly maintains her resilience as a climate hero, check out her Drawdown’s Neighborhood episode >>

Project Drawdown on Climate One

Project Drawdown executive director Jonathan Foley recently joined the Climate One podcast to discuss all things climate action, including the most important levers to pull as a society and as individuals to stop climate change. Listen and share now >>

Share climate solutions! 

Want to connect your friends, family, and colleagues to the most promising solutions to climate change? If so, share this newsletter with them using the links below so they can stay updated on the latest and greatest from Project Drawdown!

Orange spring flowers blossoming in a field

Credit: Kouji Tsuru / Unsplash

One last thing: Springing forward

It’s not just you – climate change is leading to an earlier start to spring across much of the United States. To see the difference in your local community, look outside…or check out this fascinating data visualization from The Washington Post >>

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