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Grant Opportunity: Communities. $75,000 or more. Nasdaq Foundation

Nasdaq Foundation invites applications for projects to diversify entrepreneurship

Established in 1994, the Nasdaq Foundation works to connect business, capital, and innovative ideas to advance global economies and local communities to champion diversity in investor engagement.

The foundation’s quarterly grant program works with organizations that support under-resourced communities by reimagining investor engagement and equipping communities with the financial knowledge needed to share in the wealth that markets create. The foundation will award funding for programs aligned with its mission in the following areas of focus:

Empower: Empower diverse investors with the financial knowledge and confidence they need. Grants will be awarded to organizations and programs that impact women and underrepresented communities in one or more ways; for example, by enhancing financial literacy and improving access to knowledge and tools.

Support: Support diverse entrepreneurs with the resources to strengthen and scale their businesses and contribute to the prosperity of society. Grants will be awarded to organizations and programs that impact women and diverse founders by providing mentorship and resources and/or improving access to capital.

Collaborate: The foundation will collaborate with organizations that can help build a deeper, data-led understanding where the challenges are greatest, what existing efforts could be amplified, and how the foundation can make new and distinctive contributions in its mission to diversify entrepreneurship and empower investors.

While there is no set minimum or maximum grant amount, the average grant size is $75,000.

Eligible applicants include tax-exempt organizations as defined by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and for-profit businesses or consultants acting on behalf of a qualified tax-exempt entity. If a grant is awarded, a representative of the tax-exempt entity must sign the grant agreement, and the grant will be paid to the tax-exempt entity.

For complete program guidelines and application instructions, see the Nasdaq Foundation website.

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